5 Ways To Find A Job On Your WHV

Heading to New Zealand on your Working Holiday Visa? Let this be your go-to list for finding work.

Moving to a new country can be a bit overwhelming.

I knew one person here, and luckily she explained the IRD number to me, told me which bank was the easiest to use, and got me set up with my SIM card and bus pass on day one. Here is a good resource for you regarding those basics. For the record, I use ANZ and 2Degrees and I am very happy with both.

I was lucky to have that friend tell me about TradeMe ahead of the move, but not everyone is going to have that. And when it came to finding work, I was going to be on my own. Luckily, there are plenty of resources when looking for work in New Zealand.

Here are some of my favorites:


In New Zealand, that website is TradeMe. It will be your starting point for nearly everything. I applied for a few jobs on here, which is how I got connected with the agency I now work for. But it will post all sorts of jobs, flat listings, car for sale, and everything else you would expect to find on Craigslist. Keep in mind that a lot of these ‘for sale’ items will be on auction, so just pay attention. Search “craigslist type website” for any country you move to and see what pops up.

Recruiting Agencies

This is going to be your best friend. Now, I may be biased due to the fact that I work for one, but how do you think I got the job? Most of them will have a team that works specifically on temp jobs, most of which will accept you on your working holiday visa. Agencies are different; some will focus on more manual labor and others will be more office based. Some roles will only be a week, some will last for 6 months or more. Sign up for a few agencies to find out what opportunities are out there and what will work best for you. This isn’t a full list, but it will get you started. Remember, the agencies you work with will depend on your skill set.

Backpackers Sites

My two favorite for New Zealand are Backpacker Board NZ and Backpacker Guide. These will show you all sorts of jobs with a combination of payment types. You might just be looking to work for accommodation, food or pay – or maybe a combination. You’ll be able to search the area you’d like to be in and apply directly through the site. These, of course, will be very tailored to travelers. Maybe you’re looking to au pair, do some seasonal picking, work at a resort, or even do some fundraising. It’s all here.


Base has a job placement program that always has a plethora of opportunities. Talk to the staff of whatever place you decide to stay at and see what they provide on-site. But also just check out their job posting board (usually in their communal area). You never know what they might have up, you might even be able to work for that hostel if you want.

Facebook Groups

Seriously, these will be ridiculously helpful. I joined as many as I could in New Zealand. Just do a search for whatever country you’re headed to. I cruised them for a while and found my favorite and left the others. You’ll find job postings, flat listings, and car sales, but you’ll also find people who are just trying to connect.

But you’ll also be meet some adventure buddies and grab a couple ride shares. I’ve met some pretty great people just by saying ‘Hey I wanna check out this area of town tomorrow, anyone keen?’. These are my two favorite Backpacking New Zealand and New Zealand Backpackers. You get the idea.


These are all in addition to programs like Workaway, HelpX and WWOOFIng, but most of those will not offer pay outside of accommodation and maybe some meals. Be sure to keep that in mind during your search.

But most importantly… enjoy your adventure!


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  1. Moving to another country can be daunting and you’ll feel a lot more at ease if you’re prepared 🙂 Thank you in writing this post is to help others in their own travels. New Zealand is really the perfect place for outdoor-loving adventurers to take a working holiday gap year !

  2. I didn’t even know you could get a working holiday visa for NZ. How cool! I like the idea of the TradeMe site — that sounds like a real life saver. And I have to get better at finding relevant Facebook groups before I travel. Sounds like they could be invaluable, and I’m just not making the time to investigate them. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yeah its unfortunate. As Americans, it’s easy for us through NZ and Australia. I wish it were that easy across the world.