How in the hell do you plan for a move like this?

Here is how I’m keeping from pulling my hair out.

I am an avid list maker. There is no doubt about it. So when tackling something big, like moving out of the country, my brain will not function without a plan.


Step One: Create A Master List

I started by just writing down everything I was going to need to take care of.

I was moving out of my apartment so I needed to arrange the moving day, sell my furniture, cancel internet and electric and all that kind of stuff. I have to buy my travel pack and everything that goes with it. I needed to shop for a GoPro and extra battery packs for my all electronics. I still have to buy my ticket and plan a going away party. I needed to update my resume.

Then I started googling lists that other people had make for a big trip or a big move. I found things I hadn’t even thought of.

I need to make a few copies of all my important paperwork. Make doctor’s appointments. Get traveler’s insurance. Get a P.O. Box. Consider international credit card and cell phone options. Touch base with the US embassy. Create a Power of Attorney.

I also wanted to make sure I did a few things before I leave like hiking; events, hikes, weekend trips etc. It all goes on the list.

I kept my master list going for 2 or 3 weeks as I came up with more things to add. I’m normally a pen and paper kind of girl, but I use an app called AwesomeNote for when I’m on the go. Here’s part of my master list:


Step Two: Organize It

Next I split things up into a few different groups; calls/appointments, adventures, to buy/return, and misc to dos. Color coded of course. My mom has this post it note system that she thought would work really well. She is even more of an organization freak than I am, so I knew she would have something up her sleeve.

I found weekly calendar templates online and printed them out for each week before I left. Post it notes were then assigned to each week. They were in bright colors and I stuck them right to my wall.


Step Three: Get Shit Done

The great part about this is that it is SUPER easy to edit. If something doesn’t get done one week, you remove the sticky note and add it to the following week. Completed stickies go off to the side. Add more if you forgot something. This keeps a good visual of what you have already gotten through, and what you still need to finish. It is easy for me to move dates around if I decided to leave a few weeks earlier or later too.


Now that I have given up my apartment, a feel like a weight has been lifted and there is no turning back. I got rid of all my furniture (with the exception of my bed), bags of clothes, décor and lots of random crap I didn’t need. Living back at home for a few months will save me tons of money and give me lots of quality time with the family before I leave.

It also makes it incredibly real. I’m almost 30 and just moved back in with my mom. Life is weird.

Cheers to the future!

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