5 miles of Magic in Duvall

I had been wanting to head to Cherry Creek Falls for quite a while, but I had read some not-so-great reviews about the conditions.

They were completely wrong.



I cannot say enough great things about this place. It was absolutely gorgeous.

I had read that the trail was poorly marked and that the trail had been washed out due to heavy rains overflowing the stream. None of these things were really true.

There are parts of the trail that are not specifically marked. But if you pay even a little bit of attention, you won’t have an issue. Basically stay on the main path. If you need to take any turns, there will be a very noticeable sign. Say for instance, a few small logs in the road or a spray painted arrow on a tree.


I headed out on the trail by about 10:30am, when the sun was still lower in the sky. It came beaming through the woods and lit up the lush greenery. I only say a few people on the whole trail. Just enough to feel safe as a solo female hiker.

Half way, or maybe two thirds of the way, you will veer off the main path. The path you want to take is to the right. There is an arrow carved into the tree, you just have to keep an eye out for it. It is literally at eye level. There are also the occasional blue tape markers tied to a branch, just in case you start getting worried.

This is where it gets really magical. I keep using that word to describe this place.

It opens up into something straight out of a movie. You would walk in an out of light foggy patches and it just takes your breath away.

I will be honest, there is a decent little stream at the end. So I could see how after a big rain storm or during the spring melt, people would be hesitant to cross it. I was still able to hop rocks right over it.

The waterfall is literally right around the corner. CROSS THE STREAM. Take off your shoes and go barefoot if you have to, I promise you it is worth it.

Cherry Creek Six

I had seen photos, and I could post a million photos on here and they still won’t do it justice. I didn’t expect to be so blown away by this. But when you come right around the corner, you get a perfect view.

I sat there for a while just taking it in. There is a great little beach area and plenty of space to swim. Want to take a guess at how many times I’ll be here this summer? A LOT.

It is worth hiking up to the top. You get a great view of the whole space and there is a little log to sit and enjoy a snack. There were some other trails up there but I didn’t go any further than that. I can’t imagine they would disappoint.

Cherry Creek Nince

I still can’t believe I kept skipping this place. A little piece of paradise hiding in the woods.

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  3. Ahh loving this!! Nature is so beautiful, isn’t it? I’ve recently went on couple hikes and explored waterfalls as well. I love how different the tress and waterfalls look in this area!

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